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Your professional hairdresser in Neukirchen at the Großvenediger

Glossy, full hair. A new, snazzy cut. An exciting new colour. Or give your old cut a refresh and a boost.

A neatly trimmed beard; perfectly styled hair. In Mona Lisa’s hair studio in Neukirchen at the Großvenediger our professional hair stylists and hairdressers provide you with advice and have so much experienced when it comes to ensuring you get an ideal cut to suit you. When you want something new on holiday, or you just want a trim again. Or if you need your hair nicely styled and your make-up done for an exceptional wedding, for that special day in your life. Whatever it is you want – your hair and your styling really is in the best of hands in Mona Lisa’s hair studio in Neukirchen at the Großvenediger!

Opening Hours & Appointments

Monday to Friday from 08.00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.
Saturday on request
Appointments under  +43 6565 6480 407


The Mona Lisa hair studio

In Mona Lisa’s hair studio in Neukirchen at the Großvenediger you can choose from an extensive range.

From ladies and men’s cuts, hair extensions, colours, new highlights, right through to specific care and styling treatments for lashes and brows, as well as unique make-ups for the day or the special evening.


For the most beautiful day in your life


Festive hairstyle - make-up - eyelashes glued for the moment.
Once for the rehearsal and once for the festive day.
€ 200.- to € 290.-

Bridegroom package

Haircut a few days before and styling on the day of the ceremony.
€ 45.-



Shampooing, cut, blow-drying/setting, finish€ 45.-€ 48.-€ 50.-
Shampooing, blow-drying/setting, finish€ 29.-€ 31.-€ 35.-
Cut & Go€ 26.-€ 30.-€ 32.-
Quick styling€ 15.-€ 20.-€ 25.-
Hair colour€ 45.-€ 46.-€ 50.-
Semi-permanent hair colour € 45.-€ 46.-€ 50.-
Dyeing blonde€ 45.-€ 46.-€ 50.-
Foil strands€ 70.-€ 75.-€ 85.-
Top-of-the-head strands€ 24.-€ 32.-€ 45.-
Foil highlights each€ 9.00//
Balayage€ 70.-€ 75.-€ 85.-
Glossing/€ 25.-€ 30.-
Permanent HairstyleSHORTMEDIUMLONG
Perm€ 45.-€ 46.-€ 50.-
Kerasilk build-up incl. products for at home/€ 200.-€ 230.-
Machine haircut€ 18.-
Haircut € 25.-
Contour haircut (back and sides)€ 16.-
Shampooing, cutting, blow-drying, finish € 31.-
Beard trim€ 10.-
Kids 1 to 12 years 
Machine haircut€ 16.-
Haircut€ 18.-
Shampooing, cutting, blow-drying, finish € 27.-
Shampooing, blow-drying, finish€ 20.-
Human hair strand coloured
€ 9.-
Babies until their first birthdayFREE
Eyebrow shaping€ 9.-
Eyebrow resinating € 9.-
Eyebrow dyeing€ 10.-
Eyelashes dyeing€ 12.-
Eyelashes and eyebrows dyeing incl. shaping€ 27.-
Eyelashes perm including dyeing€ 38.-
Day makeup€ 30.-
Evening makeup€ 40.-
Gluing eyelashes for the moment€ 12.-
Upper lip resin€ 9.-
Classic pin-up hairstyle€ 35.-
Festive pin-up hairstyle€ 45.-
Pampering wash€ 8.-
Intensive treatment€ 8.-
Hair tonic incl. pampering massage€ 7.-
Perfection clay conditioner€ 11.-
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Your hair in the best hands

Request your appointment for a haircut, colouring, the perfect bridal hairstyle and much more right away.

Enjoy the wonderful ambience.

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