Pampering moments at the Hotel Hubertus in Neukirchen

Massages, body treatmens and more

Mona Lisa SPA treatments

Individually tailored to you and with noble, high-quality products.

In Mona Lisa's cosmetic studio you will be pampered with a wide range of different SPA treatments by a professional team with a lot of experience. You will feel wonderfully relaxed in no time at all and your whole body will radiate a fresh energy.



Well-being Massage
Partial massage (back or legs), relieving and relaxing effect on your muscles and mind.
25 mins. € 36.-
Full-body wellness massage
Thorough full-body massage after sport, using choice oils. Alleviates tension, strengthens the immune system and enhances your performance.
ca. 50 mins. € 72.-
Back-Neck-Shoulder Massage
This massage not only relaxes your head and neck area, it also has a positive effect on your whole body. Beneficial for tiredness, stress, malaise and headache.
ca. 25 mins. € 36.-
Aromatherapy Oil Massage
Gentle full-body massage and the aroma of choice aromatherapy oils create inner calm and a sense of balance. Natural ingredients penetrate the layers of your skin and stimulate your nervous, circulatory and lymph systems.
ca. 50 mins. € 72.-
Total relaxation massage
Pure relaxation from head to toe that lingers: a gentle massage with a fragrant oil for a perfect relaxation program.
ca. 75 mins. € 88.-
Foot Reflex Zone Massage
Exerting pressure on the reflex zones on your feet has a positive effect on the respective organs and areas of the body.
ca. 25 mins. € 36.-
Anti Stress Massage Mix
A combination of classic back massage and lava stones for the back, neck, shoulders and head.
ca. 50 mins. € 74.-

Special Massages

Hot Stone-Massage
Holistic energetic treatment with hot lava stones. Applying the stones stimulates the circulation and lymph flow, tension is alleviated and your energy system re-charged.
ca. 80 mins. € 96.-
ca. 50 mins. € 74.-
Duo Mix Massage
This combination of a back and foot massage has a releasing and relaxing effect on the muscles and psyche.
ca. 50 mins. € 72.-
Well-being Kids Massage (for kids up to 14 years)
During this gentle treatment with warm herbal oil, children are also allowed to feel like adults for once.
ca. 25 mins. € 36.-

Facial Treatments

Classic face, neck and décolleté treatment
Deep cleansing with facial steam, peeling, eyebrow plucking, active ingredient ampoule, facial massage and special mask tailored to your skin type.
ca. 60 mins. € 74.-
Detox treatment
Detox mask with freeze-dried algae followed by a facial massage.
ca. 60 mins. € 78.-
Active care for men | Men Hydro Power
Intensive treatment for dehydrated and demanding men's skin. Includes active ingredient ampoule and special mask for a vitalising complexion.
ca. 40 mins. € 54.-
Around the eye
Eyebrow shape€ 9.-
Eyebrow resin€ 9.-
Eyebrow tint€ 10.-
Lash tint€ 11.-
Lash and eyebrow tint incl. shaping€ 25.-
Lash extension & thickening
Natural lookca. 120 mins. € 125.-
Replenishment after 3 to 4 weeksca. 60-80 mins. € 60.- to € 90.-

Microdermabrasion with the Skinpeeler - a gentle, yet intensive exfoliation treatment with an in-depth cleansing effect. The uppermost layer of skin is gently sloughed away, stimulating your skin to regenerate itself. Active ingredients can now be absorbed particularly well by the skin.

The results are impressive with regular use:

  • The skin becomes finer-pored and significantly more elastic.
  • The firmness of the skin increases.
  • Collagen and elastin production is stimulated.
  • The depth of wrinkles is reduced.
  • Impurities and shine are reduced.
Reviderm Microdermabrasion
Compactca. 60 mins. € 80.–
Allroundca. 75 mins. € 91.–
Intensiveca. 120 mins. € 135.–
Specials for that certain something
Reviderm Ultrasound
Balances the skin and pushes collagen production.
ca. 20 mins. € 37.-
Eye Care ... wonderful views
Lifts, moisturises and smoothes the delicate eye area.
ca. 15 mins. € 20.-
The Reviderm fleeces made of almost 100% collagen provide the skin with a lot of moisture and valuable active substances. After only a short time, the skin appears visibly firmer and smoother.
ca. 30 mins. € 37.-
Collagen Eye Pads
Effective in combating puffiness and wrinkles. After a few minutes your eye area is visibly lifted and smoothed.
€ 16.-
Circulation-Boosting Mask
A stimulating mask intensively stimulates microcirculation within the vessels in the skin. Skin is repaired from within and simultaneously detoxified.
ca. 35 mins. € 37.-
Teenies Facial Treatment especially for impure skin
Finally an end to pimples and impure skin... Deep cleansing, gentle removal of the top layer of skin by microdermabrasion and final care.
Offer for Teenies ca. 45 mins. € 47.-

Body Treatments

Depilation with hot wax – Gentle hair removal
Eyebrow€ 9.-
Upper lip€ 9.-
Chin€ 11.-
Armpits€ 13.-
Arms€ 16.-
Backfrom € 20.-
Bikini area€ 15.-
Lower leg to the knee€ 23.- to € 30.-
Full leg€ 45.-
Full Body Peeling
This treatment leaves your skin silky soft and is a real joy. The exfoliation enables your skin to better store and intensely absorb the active ingredients in this nourishing pack.
ca. 30 mins. € 37.-
Nourishing Body Pack
This creamy body pack combines relaxation for body and mind with excellent skin care. You feel re-energised and enjoy greater elasticity.
ca. 40 mins. € 46.-
Body Peeling and Care Pack
This pampering package combines a gentle exfoliation treatment with a beneficial nourishing pack.
ca. 60 mins. € 83.-

Hands and Feet


Filing, hand bath, cuticle removal and massage with hand cream.
€ 39.-
With polish € 49.-
Shellac€ 55.-
Shellac removal€ 15.-
Flash manicure
Filing, removal of varnish and cuticle
€ 33.-
With polish € 43.-
Beautiful nails
Nail polish - single treatment
€ 16.-
Nourishing paraffin bath
Intensive treatment for velvety, well-groomed hands. The hands are immersed in liquid, warm paraffin enriched with special active ingredients. Pain-relieving effect for rheumatic complaints
Single treatment € 22.-
Package € 19.-
With hand peeling € 30.-


Foot bath, nail shortening, cuticle and callous removal, massage with foot cream.
€ 42,-
With polish € 52.-
Quick pedicure
Filing, polish removal and re-application.
€ 32.-
With polish € 42.-
Gently peeling
for soft feet
€ 8.-
Detox foot bath to purify and detoxify
The toxins and chemicals we take in every day are deposited in the fat cells and connective tissue. The toxins are removed through the sole of the foot, where we have the most sweat pores in the body. As a single treatment or also as a cure.
ca. 35 mins. € 33.-
Girls Happy Hands & Feet (for girls up to 14 years)
Finger and toenail polish with a wide range of colours followed by a massage with nourishing cream.
ca. 25 mins. € 36.-

Beauty Packages


Well-cared for, massaged and beautified from head to toe. These feel-good treatments ensure that you find inner peace, close your eyes and dive into cosy dream journeys. The best prerequisite for a radiant and relaxed appearance. Choose your favourite pampering package!

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